Thursday, May 05, 2005

Election Rag...

It is General Election Day today. The representatives of the Conservative Party have been struggling hard to get their message across to the British public. Selfish indifference and general apathy, tempered only by bitter disillusion with the political process accurately describes the attitude of a considerable - and still growing - number of the potential voters. Wise and foolish pundits alike have therefore predicted that less than sixty percent of the voters will find their way to the polling stations. They might still be proven wrong.

Besides the widespread lack of interest in politics among the voters, many of whom dislike politicians in general, the Tories also had to tackle the strong leftist bias of the mainstream media. Not an easy task. For example, it was relvealed that, during the election campaign, partisan BBC representatives coordinated disruptive confrontations at a public meeting held by the Conservative Party. Not only is it extremely shameful that a public service institution like the BBC would orchestrate such heckling incidents in order to produce negative news stories about a particular political party, it was probably illegal, too. Not surprisingly, the BBC flatly rejected all the complaints of bias from the Conservatives.

No matter, in the end this is what the Daily Mirror, the popular leftist rag, decided to print on the front-page on the morning of the election: Michael Howard as a blood-sucking vampire, and impaled, too!

Not very subtle? The charicature of Michael Howard as an evil blood-drinking vampire is very popular in the Labour camp, especially among the more extreme leftists. Remember, he is the first Jewish leader of the Tories since Benjamin Disraeli. The old blood-libel is always sure of getting a good round of applause. The editors of the Daily Mirror must be congratulating each other for publishing such a daringly anti-Semitic image. Still, it would not be the first time. On several occasions during the last two-three months, joined by the relentless Labour spin doctors, the leftist media managed to outdo the disgraceful image of the demon-eyed Tony Blair. This is the notorius poster created by members of Conservative Youth during the bitter 1997 general election campaign:

Surely, new depths of vulgar and slanderous election hysteria have been reached, and it will probably get much worse before it gets any better. Ak ja, dog.

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