Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Mercedes-Benz Movement?

Åh ja, 1968! Love, Benz, and rock'n roll. The 280 SL is undoubtedly the finest product of the flower-power generation. "Don't be square, man. Benz out!": 

Merceded-Benz 280 SL (1968)

The earnest hippie-slogan "Make Mercedes-Benz, not war!" is as meaningful today as it was back in 1968. Yes, my fellow Benz-nicks, take it to the streets. Speak truth to power:


This is the lovely Mercedes. Innocent? Hardly. Emo? Probably. What is certain, though, is that, like, she is really, really sorry about what happened to her boyfriend Edmond, and that she is, like, totally against all kinds of wars in the world of the Benz brand:

Leftists for MERCEDES BENZ 07

The rainbow-community fully endorses Mercedes-Benz, and they are not afraid to show it. "Say it out loud, I'm Benz, and I'm proud!" Having devoted their lives to building bridges between warring communities, it should come as no surprise that they would appreciate the possibility of driving across those very bridges in true style:

Leftists for MERCEDES BENZ 02

Even today, many people believe that Mercedes-Benz need to be part of the solution to the Palestinian problem. True, the Benz-process has experienced many set-backs over the years, but the road-map without Mercedes makes little sense:

Leftists for MERCEDES BENZ 03

Young and unemployable Wahhabi lads can often be seen driving around in their uncle's expensive Mercedes-Benz, cruising ominously up and down the high-streets, windows rolled-down and the car-stereo blasting the latest jihad music hits. Actually, it seems that Muslim women are beginning to catch the Benz-fever too. For example, the young girl in the picture below is a true Benz-enthusiast, bravely showing that she is prepared to risk her life by criticising in public the well-known Fatwa prohibiting Muslim women from driving Mercedes cars. She too wants to embrace that sinful four-wheeled icon of German culture:

The New Benz Islam SL...

It is common knowledge that the E-Class Mercedes-Benz is one of the most popular taxis in the world. It certainly is by far the most popular taxi in Denmark. Maybe that is the reason why so many Muslim men living in Denmark like to work as taxi-drivers. Yes, it all makes sense now...

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